School Management Solution

Increasingly Educational Institutions are facing challenges in delivering quality education which is resulting in poor student learning, high student attrition and low student enrollment.

Our School Management Solutions enable our School Management to get timely information through our education technology solutions as to how well each of their schools is performing against predefined School Education Service Delivery standards.

School Management Solution Features

Business Intelligence of your Institution’s Performance

Thoughtfully designed Analytics Dashboards provide you with easy interpretation of complex data of your institution. SMS┬ácaptures and generates loads of data from your School’s everyday operations. Visualising these data in visual graphs and charts provide you with never before insights.

Learning Managment System

Class room teaching is geared up by e-learning portal called Learning Management Systems (LMS) which is easy to understand & use, reliable and able to accommodate academic needs. It offers to its instructors & students an extensive platform to learn and flourish.