Hi, my name is Zeeshan Hasan.  My company, Grassroots Consultants provides management consultancy services, as well as edTec solutions in the education sector.

Recently I visited a Government School in the Undaroon Shahair (Inner City) Lahore.  The size of the school, student strength, cleanliness were impressive.  As I walked around I felt a surge of joy that alas all was not lost.  This enthusiasm was unfortunately short lived. On entering the library I felt weak in my knees…. I saw three young students huddled together in a cold semi lit room reading the same newspaper.  At first glance all seemed normal, till I saw the well-stocked book cupboards.  They all had locks on them.  Same was the fate of the computers in the computer lab…Covered up.  When I inquired, I was told by the School Head, that keeping the books locked and computers covered were essential. Since these were audited, he and his school team had to ensure none of them got damaged, lost or stolen.  Due to this these precious jewels had to be kept away from the destructive hands of the students.  

It is such insights which keep me and my team motivated to work on school management improvements.  One of the solution we have developed and deployed in one of the largest private school network in Pakistan is “School Service Quality Management” program.  Through this solution we are able to obtain monthly feedback from a sizable sample of each school’s parent community on how satisfied they are with the schools education service deliver performance regarding specific school performance indicators.  This information is digitally captured into Education Service Score Card and the information circulated to School Heads and their Management. Progress of each school is closely monitored, interventions mobilized where required to further improve each school education service delivery.  The technology and the process we use are relatively low cost, customizable and very effective. We now plan to customize and deploy similar solution for the low cost public school networks as well.

Kind regards,

Zeeshan Hasan