Ilm Ideas 2



The Pakistan Education Innovation Fund (Ilm Ideas 2), supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), provides a platform for the generation, piloting and scaling up of innovative solutions to address critical education challenges in Pakistan.


Ilm Ideas 2 seeks to improve education systems, pedagogies and learning outcomes for children across Pakistan, and to establish a self-sustaining community that will continue to invest in evidence-based innovative education solutions.

Our aim is for the solutions we support to positively impact the poorest children and young people across Pakistan, especially girls.


Ilm Ideas 2 aims to create a portfolio of education investments with high potential to achieve scale and sustainability. We provide grant support and capacity development to proven innovations that are ready to scale, while generating a pipeline of education innovations that will be ready to scale after programme closure. We work with partners for the identification, capacity building, implementation and financing of innovative education solutions.

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